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Mobile Security and the Consumerization of IT

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Find the right security strategy to help you make the most of mobility

As consumers, our willingness to adopt emerging technologies is unprecedented. Facebook now has over 1B users, and more than half of them are using their mobile devices to access the site. Last year alone there were 427M smartphones sold – outpacing Windows-based PCs by a wide margin. Our personal lives have become much more social, mobile and collaborative, requiring our security to move as we do. Our family of mobile solutions secures your data, devices and privacy.


Not surprisingly, our personal lifestyles are transforming our expectations at work. As employees, we are demanding the same kind of freedom we have at home:

  • Fast, intuitive access to information anytime, anywhere
  • Continued use of our favorite web apps and personal mobile devices
  • The sharing of information freely with colleagues, unencumbered by slow processes and old-fashioned enterprise systems


This trend is known as the “consumerization” of IT services at work – a spread of consumer-friendly technologies into the workplace.


Supporting a flexible workspace that provides users with easy access to corporate resources and services – from personal or corporate owned devices – can help make employees more productive. However, it is fundamentally more difficult and expensive to support the growing number of platforms, and it presents considerable new risk.


In a recent survey conducted on behalf of Trend Micro we discovered that of those organizations that deployed “Bring Your Own Device” programs, nearly half (46.5%) suffered a data/security breach as a result. Yet, in another study, almost 70% increased bottom line revenues as a result of a BYOD program (Forrester Research).


Trend Micro innovations such as Mobile App Reputation technology, mobile device management, mobile application management, and context-aware data protection help companies embrace BYOD for the productivity benefits it provides, without exposing users or their data to risk.


In the post-PC world, our Complete End User Protection solution is comprehensive, cost effective, and modular to enable an organization to deploy the right amount of security for their industry, environment, and unique requirements.


Find out how the right security strategy can help you embrace consumerization and unlock business opportunity.

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