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“We like the ease of management of Deep Security and the fact that the client is significantly lighter than the Cisco Security Agent—that’s very nice.”

— Blaine Isbelle, Systems Administrator, Information Services Technology, University of California Berkeley

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Industry: Healthcare

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

# Servers and Clients: 4 and 80+

CHALLENGE: After experiencing several IT security events that resulted from malware, Feget needed a powerful solution that was easy to deploy and manage.

SOLUTION: Based on their IT suppliers recommendation, Feget deployed Trend Micro Worry-Free™ Business Security Advanced. The solution included data loss prevention, URL filtering, and spam blocking.

RESULTS: With the Worry-Free Business Security solution from Trend Micro, Feget was able to dramatically reduce security events resulting from malware.


Industry: Healthcare

Location: Columbus, Ohio

# Employees: 12,000+

CHALLENGE: Introduce virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) without compromising protection of patient data

SOLUTION: Deploy Deep Security, extending agentless security to VDI endpoints

RESULTS: Protection automatically extended to virtual endpoints, plus improved performance


Industry: Healthcare

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania

# Employees: 400

CHALLENGE: Give physicians, nurses, and technicians access to data at the point of care while preventing unauthorized access to sensitive protected health information (PHI)

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption for full disk encryption and user authentication

RESULTS: Secure, immediate access to crucial patient data for improved care


Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Location: Zug, Switzerland

# Employees: 10,000+

CHALLENGE: Consolidate on a single security vendor; reduce time and costs associated with administering and monitoring security

SOLUTION: Switch to Trend Micro Enterprise Security for endpoints, messaging and in-the-cloud protection

RESULTS: Minimized IT time required for security


Industry: Healthcare

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

# Employees: 7,600

CHALLENGE: Leverage virtualization for cost efficiencies and centralized control of sensitive data

SOLUTION: Expand Enterprise Security for Endpoints; introduce agentless Deep Security; engage Technical Account Management Services

RESULTS: Smooth, secure transition to virtualized servers and desktops


Industry: Healthcare

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

# Employees: 1,750

CHALLENGE: Secure new SaaS electronic healthcare services for network of 450 physicians

SOLUTION: Virtualize data center to deliver application services; secure it with Deep Security and Enterprise Security for Endpoints

RESULTS: Increased security and flexibility and reduced costs for virtualized cloud applications


Industry: Healthcare

Location: Macon, Georgia

# Employees: 4,600

CHALLENGE: Strengthen protection and compliance that easily extends to virtual desktops

SOLUTION: Upgrade to Enterprise Security Suite; add Deep Security and Data Loss Prevention

RESULTS: Better visibility for data protection, with more granular control of patient data


Industry: Financial Services

Location: Edinburgh, UK

# Employees: 45; and 50,000+ email users

CHALLENGE: Cost-effectively secure email communications between platforms, life companies, pension providers, and advisors

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Email Encryption

RESULTS: Improved customer service with speed of electronic communication; simplified data protection; lower costs than PKI solutions


Industry: Finance

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

# Employees: 5,000

CHALLENGE: Maintain top safety ranking and scalability while moving to cloud infrastructure/service

SOLUTION: OfficeScan endpoint protection with Intrusion Defense Firewall and DLP plug-ins; Deep Security for virtualized and traditional servers

RESULTS: Smooth security roadmap that extends protection into virtualized and cloud environments


Industry: Non-profit business associations

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

# Employees: 2

CHALLENGE: Introduce security without increasing the administrative burden on a resource-limited non-profit organization

SOLUTION: Protect PCs with Worry-Free Business Security Services; use SafeSync for Business to securely share files

RESULTS: Enhanced mobility with anytime, anywhere instant data access from smart devices


Industry: Finance

Location: Levent-Istanbul Besiktas, Turkey

# Employees: 17,000

CHALLENGE: Secure virtual environment, maintain compliance, and maximize consolidation

SOLUTION: Deploy Deep Security to meet technical and business requirements including VMware integration

RESULTS: Excellent performance and consolidation with strict security controls for compliance


Industry: Financial Services and Insurance

Location: Vancouver, Canada

# Employees: 100

CHALLENGE: Securely deliver services and target PCI compliance without slowdowns

SOLUTION: Protect virtual servers with Deep Security; protect physical and virtual desktops with Enterprise Security for Endpoints

RESULTS: Preemptive protection and optimized performance with PCI-compliant capabilities


Industry: Municipal Government

Location: Fresno, California

# Employees: 4,500

CHALLENGE: Improve PCI compliance for online transactions

SOLUTION: Deploy Deep Security

RESULTS: Built-in templates simplify PCI compliance


Industry: State Government/Healthcare

Location: Columbus, Ohio

# Employees: 3,200

CHALLENGE: Minimize user complaints by providing thin-client users with a desktop experience equivalent to traditional PCs

SOLUTION: Secure virtual desktops with Deep Security

RESULTS: Transparent security, with no user complaints due to slowing of applications


Industry: Municipal Government

Location: Pitt Meadows, British Columbia

# Employees: 65

CHALLENGE: Extend security to virtualized environment

SOLUTION: Switch to vendor that integrates well with VMware; deploy Deep Security and Enterprise Security for Endpoints

RESULTS: Agentless protection; light endpoint security footprint


Industry: Government

Location: Kuwait

# Employees: 100,000+

CHALLENGE: Protect patient data and proprietary research results, while minimizing IT management

SOLUTION: Switch to OfficeScan with DLP plug-in

RESULTS: 50-60% performance improvement, for reduced security overhead and faster time to protection


Industry: Municipal Government

Location: Oulu, Finland

# Employees: 10,000

CHALLENGE: Merge infrastructures of four surrounding cities, while reducing costs and complexity

SOLUTION: Deep Security for agentless protection

RESULTS: Protection of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that is easy to deploy, administer, and scale

Jussi Tarkkonen talks about merging multiple municipal security infrastructures. [05:13 min]



Industry: Municipal Government

Location: Kelowna, British Columbia

# Employees: 800–1,000

CHALLENGE: Make security invisible to end users and keep it light on the desktop

SOLUTION: Deep Security and Enterprise Security for Endpoints to secure a virtualized environment without draining resources

RESULTS: Light-and-lean security that improves protection and simplifies administration


Industry: Higher Education

Location: Singapore

CHALLENGE: With a highly mobile faculty, staff, and student body who are encouraged to connect with the university network through both internal and external devices, UNLV Singapore needed a comprehensive, reliable endpoint and server security solution

SOLUTION: UNLV Singapore chose Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services to protect its IT infrastructure from viruses, hackers, spyware, harmful websites, phishing, and data theft.

RESULTS: With a 97.5% reduction in security-related queries, the university rarely deals with downtime or system glitches across the broad range of BYOD and in-house devices.


Industry: Higher Education

Location: Berkeley, California

# Employees: 2,082; 36,100+ students

CHALLENGE: Find replacement for discontinued Cisco Security Agent; minimize impact on users

SOLUTION: Replace Cisco Security Agent with Deep Security

RESULTS: Significantly reduced security footprint; easier provisioning and alignment with managed services model


Industry: Higher Education

Location: Windsor, Ontario

# Employees: 1,500; 16,000 students

CHALLENGE: Block threats before they impact local systems and networks

SOLUTION: Multilayered Trend Micro Enterprise Security including OfficeScan, ServerProtect and ScanMail

RESULTS: 81% decrease in web-based malware and 41% fewer infected machines


Industry: K12 Education

Location: Mount Pleasant, Texas

# Employees: 1,000; 5,500 students

CHALLENGE: Gain visibility into new virtualized and cloud environments

SOLUTION: Take advantage of Deep Security monitoring capability across physical and virtual servers

RESULTS: Detailed logging and monitoring, without disrupting users


Industry: K12 Education

Location: Battle Ground, Washington

# Employees: 1,500, 13,000 students

CHALLENGE: Stay ahead of emerging threats without increasing budget or staff

SOLUTION: Enterprise Security for Endpoints including DLP plug-in; Trend Micro Mobile Security

RESULTS: Cost-effectively consolidate endpoint security and increase data loss protection


Industry: K12 Education

Location: Rocklin, California

# Employees: 1,100; 11,500 students

CHALLENGE: Minimize costs, management complexity, and performance impact for VDI

SOLUTION: Replace traditional endpoint security product with Deep Security

RESULTS: Lowered resource utilization for security by 10% and improved consolidation


Industry: K12 Education

Location: Madison, Georgia

# Employees: 500; 3,300 students

CHALLENGE: Provide a safe environment for students without increasing staff

SOLUTION: Introduce virtual desktop infrastructure secured by Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints

RESULTS: Optimized security scan performance and spent less time supporting desktops

Tegen IT Solutions

Industry: IT Services

Location: United Kingdom

Sector: SMB Network Security

CHALLENGE: To streamline management, training, and billing, while increasing security measures, Tegen needed a single solution that could help them to seamlessly manage and ensure every client's security environment from a single console.

SOLUTION: After testing products from all of the leading security vendors, including pilot programs at customer sites, Tegen discovered that Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security Services delivered the performance, security, and automated platform it was looking for.

RESULTS: Tegen has realized several benefits, including simplified management and billing. Rather than dealing with annual license renewals, which made invoicing complicated and time-consuming, Tegen now bills monthly through the automated system.

Guardian Network Solutions

Industry: IT Services

Location: United States

Sector: SMB Network Security

CHALLENGE: Guardian is constantly challenged to demonstrate that it provides the best network security solutions at the best price.

SOLUTION: Guardian chose Trend Micro Worry-Free solutions because they provided the simplicity its customers were looking for with industry-leading detection rates and a small footprint that didn’t affect network performance.

RESULTS: Guardian chose Trend Micro Worry-Free solutions because they provided the simplicity its customers were looking for with industry-leading detection rates and a small footprint that didn’t affect network performance.

Whitsell Computer Services

Industry: IT Services

Location: Pacific Northwest

Sector: Small and medium-sized businesses

CHALLENGE: Many Whitsell customers are still recovering from the economic downturn and want to extend the life of their servers rather than replace them.

SOLUTION: To lower server capacity and reduce performance issues, Whitsell transitioned most of its customers from server-based security to Worry-Free Business Security Services.

RESULTS: By moving customers to Worry-Free Business Security Services, Whitsell removed excess workloads from customer servers and put them in the cloud, allowing customers to extend the life of their servers.


Industry: Technology and Communications Solutions

Location: Buffalo, New York

Customer Base: 1000 managed desktops

CHALLENGE: Managed services costs were rising due to time spent on security-related service requests

SOLUTION: Switch customers to Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security and take advantage of Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Remote Manager and Trend Micro™ Licensing Management Platform

RESULTS: Time savings, from security solutions that are easier to deploy and manage.


Industry: IT Managed Services Provider

Location: Chicago

CHALLENGE: To make sure that they can secure a small business's computer systems, including desktops and laptops—while keeping comprehensive managed services affordable for customers and profitable for Ken-Kor

SOLUTION: Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Remote Manager

RESULTS: With the MSP program and the Remote Manager, they saw a reduction of travel time and increased utilization of staff time.

TAZ Networks

Industry: Technology Solutions and Services

Location: Brighton, Michigan

Customer Base: 35 managed services customers; 700 desktops total

CHALLENGE: Helping customers maximize ROI for technology deployments

SOLUTION: Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security Standard

RESULTS: Simplicity of standardizing on a single security solution, which conservatively reduces support time by 20%

On-Site PC Services

Industry: IT Services

Location: Southlake, Texas

Customer Base: 27 managed companies; 200 seats (growing)

CHALLENGE: Offer affordable managed services to small businesses (5 to 50 PCs)

SOLUTION: Switch managed clients to Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services ; take advantage of Trend Micro Managed Service Provider program

RESULTS: Greatly improved margin due to visibility and control over renewals; much less time spent on support of security


Industry: IT Services

Location: Bishop’s Stortford, UK

# Employees: Approximately 25 small/ medium businesses

CHALLENGE: Do more with less, including providing a comprehensive range of security software and hosted services that can be tailored to fit each customer

SOLUTION: Recommend Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security portfolio to all customers

RESULTS: Industry leadership, with secure Tranquil IT “Miniclouds” that appeal to SMBs


Industry: Technology Solutions and Managed Services Provider

Location: Vienna, Austria

# Employees: 150 businesses; approximately 7,500 users

CHALLENGE: Provide services that give small and medium businesses (SMBs) the same or better protection than big businesses

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Advanced and Standard

RESULTS: Allows customers to focus on their business, not IT security with a comprehensive security feature set that can be deployed across all customer sites


Industry: IT Services

Location: Savannah, Georgia

# Employees: 34 companies

CHALLENGE: Align security with service delivery model and technology roadmap; improve operating cost

SOLUTION: Switch clients to Worry-Free Business Security Services; take advantage of Trend Micro Managed Service Provider program

RESULTS: High level of automation, saving time and lowering operating costs


Industry: IT Services

Location: Hartford, Connecticut

# Employees: 30 companies

CHALLENGE: Improve protection for small businesses with highly distributed environments

SOLUTION: Switch clients to Worry-Free Business Security Services; use Worry-Free Remote Manager to manage multiple accounts

RESULTS: Improved customer satisfaction, with fewer interruptions for security-related issues

Roman Raykhlin talks about how he improved responsiveness across his highly distributed customer base. [04:41]



Industry: IT Services

Location: Worblaufen, Switzerland

# Employees: 2,895

CHALLENGE: Provide consistent protection across physical and virtual servers; increase resource utlization of virtual machines

SOLUTION: Deploy Deep Security for secure multi-tenant capability

RESULTS: Efficient service delivery; increased VM density; reduced total cost of ownership


Industry: Managed Services

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

CHALLENGE: Give enterprise-class solutions and approaches to small businesses and non-profit organizations

SOLUTION: SafeSync for Business file sync and sharing; Worry-Free Business Security Services

RESULTS: Efficient service delivery; increased VM density; reduced total cost of ownership

Ron Eveleigh and Christopher Bomar discuss the challenge of securing company data. [13:50 min]



Industry: IT Security Services

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

# Employees: 250 companies

CHALLENGE: Help customers keep up with latest threats especially those targeting mobile devices

SOLUTION: Recommend Trend Micro OfficeScan and Mobile Security

RESULTS: Simplified management with single console for traditional endpoints and new mobile devices


Industry: Website Hosting

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

# Employees: 3,000+

CHALLENGE: Block continually changing threats that could compromise customer data

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Deep Security

RESULTS: Improved protection, enhanced visibility, and minimized performance impact


Industry: Digital Entertainment, Social Enterprise and E-commerce Solutions

Location: Singapore

# Employees: 50

CHALLENGE: Secure instances hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and meet PCI DSS compliance to secure financial transactions over its MatchMove Wallet.

SOLUTION: The company deployed Trend Micro Deep Security for an all-in-one and instant-on security solution for private cloud and AWS.

RESULTS: By integrating Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ into its virtualized environment, MatchMove benefits from a complete and scalable security solution that meets its complex security policies and compliance needs.


Industry: Retail, Food and Restaurants

Location: North America, Canada, British Columbia

# Employees: 51-200

CHALLENGE: After rapidly expanding, burger chain A&W needed better endpoint security at a better value. It also wanted a solution that worked with its virtualization client of choice.

SOLUTION: The company deployed Trend Micro OfficeScan and Trend Micro's Smart Protection Network and plans to evaluate additional Deep Security modules.

RESULTS: After an easy deployment, OfficeScan took up fewer system resources than the company’s previous provider, solving both performance and protection problems. "Since we replaced the previous solution, we can see that Trend Micro has stopped the infections."


Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Pacific Northwest, USA

# Employees: 130

CHALLENGE: Needed a flexible solution for deploying security to its offices and mobile workforce that didn’t hinder performance, supported better spending practices, and reduced hardware costs

SOLUTION: Alliant Systems selected Trend Micro™ Worry-Free Business Security Services because it provides a centrally-managed solution that offers antivirus, web security, data protection, and antispam protection

RESULTS: Reduced hardware costs, enabled better spending practices, and required less time to troubleshoot IT issues


Industry: Social Services

Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

# Employees: 140

CHALLENGE: Do more with less, in terms of IT staff and the technology tools that they select

SOLUTION: Trend Micro™ Worry-Free Business Security

RESULTS: Time savings, with an easy-to-install and easy-to-manage security solution


Industry: Manufacturing, Sheet Metal

Location: Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

# Employees: 230

CHALLENGE: Keep up with the latest threats, and protect mission-critical assets

SOLUTION: Trend Micro™ Worry-Free Business Security

RESULTS: Safer operations, for maximizing business continuity


Industry: Manufacturing and Distribution

Location: Southlake, Texas

# Employees: 15 (plus 35-45 contractors on a seasonal basis.)

CHALLENGE: Block threats and malware that could impede the business, detracting from the core business function of generating profits

SOLUTION: Managed security service, based on Trend Micro™ Worry-Free Business Security Services

RESULTS: 20-30% reduction in total security-related IT expenditures; improved protection of business critical systems and customer information


Industry: Relocation and Housing Services

Location: Hawthorn, New Jersey

# Employees: 500

CHALLENGE: Consolidate company-wide infrastructure without increasing business risks

SOLUTION: Introduce "VMware-ready" Deep Security to secure new private cloud

RESULTS: Easy scaling of infrastructure and security; ease in meeting compliance regulations


Industry: Fashion/Retail

Location: Los Angeles, California

# Employees: 5,000

CHALLENGE: Replace aging hardware cost-effectively without sacrificing security

SOLUTION: Deploy Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Deep Security on virtual servers

RESULTS: Scalable, PCI-compliant compute environment; 35:1 consolidation ratio


Industry: Advertising

Location: London, England

# Employees: 50

CHALLENGE: Too many threats, including an overwhelming amount of spam, reaching the company’s network and computers

SOLUTION: Switch to Worry-Free Business Security and add Hosted Email Security

RESULTS: In-house technology team no longer wastes time recovering from attacks; improved performance on mail servers


Industry: Legal Services

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

# Employees: 300

CHALLENGE: Efficiently protect sensitive client information in virtual environment

SOLUTION: Switch from traditional antivirus solution to Deep Security

RESULTS: 40%-50% reduction in time spent managing security


Industry: Food and Wine

Location: Lake Leelanau, Michigan

# Employees: 20

CHALLENGE: Protect sensitive data assets, including extensive tracking information required for compliance with wine industry regulations

SOLUTION: Switch to Worry-Free Business Security Services and introduce SafeSync for Business

RESULTS: Increased awareness of security status; flexible acces to company data; automatic backup in the cloud


Industry: Vehicle Sales and Service

Location: Sunset, Utah

# Employees: 54

CHALLENGE: Simplify security and protect customers from inappropriate web content

SOLUTION: Upgrade to InterScan Web Security virtual appliance

RESULTS: Increased visibility and control over Internet activity and related applications


Industry: Automotive

Location: Titusville, Florida

# Employees: 150

CHALLENGE: Protecting customers’ credit card information and demonstrating compliance

SOLUTION: Switch to Trend Micro Deep Security and Data Loss Prevention

RESULTS: PCI compliance and fewer attacks making it to the company’s PCs and servers

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